Business Impact

  • Improved SLAs and reduced costs

  • Robust & Scalable Architecture

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : Naperville, Illinois
  • Industry : Food & Beverage

Problem Context 

The client is a US-based wholesale food distributor and supplier that provides services such as packaging, demand planning, inbound freight consolidation, delivery route optimization, etc. for manufacturers and retailers. They sought to scale up their existing inhouse data application, which is used by their user base to pull data records on a subscription basis to accommodate a larger subscriber base.


  • Assessment required a detailed study of the client’s current application architecture
  • The revamped application must be scalable to accommodate a larger subscriber base

Technologies Used

Amazon RDS
Amazon SQS
Amazon S3
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Athena


Quantiphi performed a deep-dive assessment of the client’s current application architecture, identified the key issues and gaps in the existing architecture, and helped in executing the changes identified as a part of the assessment

Consequently, this enabled the client to shift to a larger subscriber base (a minimum of 16K)

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