Business Impact

  • Reduced cloud costs

  • Ensured proper security, monitoring & governance model

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : Mumbai, India
  • Industry : Banking

Problem Context

The client is an Indian financial services company providing wholesale and retail funding opportunities across sectors. They had a PostgreSQL database, VMs used by their data science team, Talend tool used for performing ETL jobs, Power BI gateway server to visualize data, which were hosted on Azure cloud and wanted to migrate this to AWS cloud.



  • Migrating all databases within a limited timeframe while taking into account the internal dependencies
  • Database superuser was not owned by the client
  • Few existing queries were not supported by the older version of PostgreSQL
  • Financial data is highly confidential and needs to be secured in transit


Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon EC2
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS CloudTrail
AWS Organization
Amazon Guard Duty
Directory Service
Transit Gateway
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Site-to-Site VPN

Migrate Servers, Databases, Virtual Machines from Azure to AWS cloud with multi-account and multi-environment supported Landing zone Architecture


Quantiphi proposed a scalable and secure solution that included landing zone architecture handling multiple accounts, ensuring a secure solution and making it easy to manage different environments. The solution modernized workloads by migrating to AWS Cloud Platform including a connection with on-prem/Azure, integration, and visualizations. It ensured zero down-time, zero glitches, intactness of downstream applications, security, monitoring & governance model apart from well-defined migration and cutover plans.


  • Environment setup automation and easy management using Landing zone Architecture
  • Generated actionable insights by sending real-time notifications on resource utilization and billing reports to provide more transparency

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