Business Impact

  • Scalable cloud VMS accessible across the globe

  • Secure and contactless access control

  • Proactive video surveillance and one-click analytics

  • Over-the-air updates and Fleet management

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Manufacturing

Intelligent Video Analytics for Mask Detection and Temperature Screening

The client is a premier Thermal Imaging company who wanted a solution that utilizes Dual Vision IP cameras to perform high accuracy mask detection and temperature screening on the edge. The solution should also seamlessly integrate with access control systems to enforce health and safety regulations within the premises.


  • Accuracy of current ML models
  • Lack of a unified platform for monitoring

Technologies Used

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
NVIDIA Deepstream
Triton Inference Server


Quantiphi developed a bio-risk screening application that ingests real-time IR and RGB feed to detect masks and record temperatures. The application was deployed on the edge using NVIDIA® Jetson NX.

We built an inference pipeline to trigger the relay that drives the access control system. The inference metadata is streamed to the Cloud VMS for storage and monitoring. RGB and IR feed from surveillance cameras were streamed to the Cloud VMS via video ingestion pipelines for people analytics.

We built a globally accessible dashboard for real-time monitoring.


  • Real-time analytics on the edge to curb the spread of COVID-19
  • Globally accessible dashboard to monitor a fleet of edge devices remotely and facilitate over-the-air model updates

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