Business Impact

  • 75%

    Increase in Ad conversions

  • 85%

    Customer queries were answered successfully

  • 24/7

    Chat availability

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : USA
  • Industry : Retail (Grocery & Pharmacy)

Problem Context

A US-based grocery and pharmacy retailer needed a robust online presence to answer questions, provide information, and advertise products during the pandemic. The client wanted to optimize and enhance the virtual agent to answer a range of questions asked and add new features to encourage users to purchase items online and in-store.


  • Implementations using two new platforms – Google Business Messages and AdLingo
  • Managing context across various verticals such as pharmacy, grocery & customer helpline

Technologies Used

Dialogflow CX        
Google Business Messages


The Quantiphi team developed a 24/7 chat-enabled virtual agent on the Google Business Messages platform with a conversational commerce journey using Dialogflow CX. They added a real-time inventory lookup and up-to-date store and pharmacy information lookup to the agent.

Additionally, the team delivered Conversational ads on the AdLingo platform to promote new campaigns across 13 brands. An engaging persona for the AdLingo virtual agent was created and shared to keep a consistent experience across brands.

Moreover, Quantiphi set up a powerful Data Studio analytics dashboard to enable business users to gauge virtual agent performance and make impactful decisions to enhance its capabilities.


  • Increased customer satisfaction scores and boosted the chat duration by 40%
  • Enabled customers better plan their shopping list using real-time inventory data
  • 35% increase in the average sessions per day

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