Business Impact

  • 99%

    Accuracy of business rules execution

  • 93%

    Entity extraction accuracy

  • $4

    Cost saving per document processed

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : United States
  • Industry : Healthcare and Lifesciences

Problem Context

Cerevel Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new therapies to treat neuroscience diseases headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

As part of its clinical trial oversight, Cerevel conducts manual reviews of a sample of Monitoring Visit Trip reports that are received on a daily basis. Following a time-intensive process, Cerevel manually extracted key issues from the reports and tracked them to resolution in an Excel sheet. Cerevel required a solution to reduce manual effort and time to identify key issues from trip reports and track the relevant data in a system with easy access.


  • Due to dynamic templates, sections with and without comments increased the difficulty of the extraction logic
  • Cerevel reviewed a planned subset of the reports randomly and recorded issues in an Excel tracker
  • Different report formats due to the type of monitoring visit and provider
  • Detailed understanding of the document is required to formalize the final structure for the UI for both templates
  • Ensuring configurable business rules

Technologies Used

Document AI
Google Cloud Storage
Cloud Run
Cloud Functions
Cloud Vision API
Cloud SQL


Quantiphi developed an end-to-end Doc AI solution pipeline built on the Google Cloud Platform environment. The solution processes trip report documents from four different templates, extracts information, and stores the required fields to perform the business rules that flag the priority and threshold of extracted sections.

Our custom-built UI helps Cerevel visualize the priorities and thresholds based on the report content and decide on the next course of action. Cerevel is able to enhance the reviews they conduct, evaluate more content and reduce the amount of manual effort required.


● Visualize priorities and thresholds based on the action item and decide on the next course of action

● Optimize the pipeline by reducing manual efforts and backlog

“Cerevel is committed to execution excellence, and this collaboration and AI solution has given our teams greater insights into reporting across clinical workflows, allowing us to better manage our clinical trials with a focus on quality and compliance. Our teams are excited to add this tool to their arsenal and have already started evaluating additional AI capabilities to further support our mission to push boundaries, develop solutions and transform lives.”

Laura Whitmore, Senior Director, Clinical Operations Oversight, Cerevel Therapeutics

“Google Cloud has proven to be a powerful platform for Cerevel as we unravel the mysteries of the brain to treat neuroscience diseases. We have combined Google Cloud’s technology, Quantiphi’s technical expertise in Artificial Intelligence, and Cerevel’s deep domain expertise to accelerate our Cloud and Digital Transformation strategy.”

Doug Barta, Chief Information Officer, Cerevel Therapeutics

“At Google Cloud, we aim to provide best-in-class infrastructure to organize the world’s data. Across biotechnology firms, we have seen this pursuit unlock data sets that were previously unavailable to scientific teams and investigators. With the application of AI and machine learning technologies to documents, physician notes, electronic medical records, and other datasets, we believe companies like Cerevel will be one step closer to a more effective clinical trial environment and gain greater insight into patient care.”

Shweta Maniar, Director of Life Sciences Industry Solutions, Google Cloud

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