Business Impact

  • Provide foundational information supporting fact-based business decisions

  • Support planning for current state & forecasting for future efforts

  • Reduce FTEs needed for ad-hoc data engineering

  • Utilize simplified, repeatable processes for delivery of information

Customer Key Fact

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Supplemental Insurance

Problem Context

The client, one of the largest providers of supplemental insurance, wanted to build an aggregator to consolidate and visualize claims operations KPIs across different businesses (group and individual). It would provide the ability to monitor the key measures to drive operational efficiencies & strategic business planning for:
-Claims Inventory
-Visibility & Accuracy of Claims Settled
-Reduce Engineering Efforts for Ad-Hoc Reporting



  • Complex sequences and multiple ingestion jobs to be meet hourly reporting needs
  • Lack of coherent reporting KPIs across different lines of business



Build an Aggregator to Consolidate and Visualize Claims Operations


Extensive KPIs design and consolidation across lines of business for claims operations (141 KPIs were consolidated to 14 KPIs).

Implementation of the project in a phased manner with the delivery of features including:

  • Consolidation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Visualization


  • Rationalized list of KPIs for which user experience was revamped through intuitive Tableau visualizations
  • Ingestion of several key sources of data available on Snowflake
  • Reduce time to access reports from weeks to a few hours
  • Reduction in manual tasks for reporting
  • Reduction of technical debt
  • Automated pipelines

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