Business Impact

  • 50% Reduction in monthly infrastructure costs

  • 70% Reduction in time to production using DevOps best practices

  • Improved scalability with single-click deployment

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : United States
  • Industry : Automotive

Problem Context

LeasePlan, a global leader in Car-as-a-Service, managing nearly 1.9 million vehicles across 29 countries had an in-house platform that collected telematics data for each vehicle but did not support real-time tracking to prevent unauthorized/improper usage of the fleet’s assets. The telematics solution lacked reporting capabilities for analyzing trends and patterns at driver and vehicle levels. The underutilization of assets and operational inadequacies resulted in a loss of investment. LeasePlan needed a scalable solution using telematics as a strategic decision-making tool.


  • Streaming data was a pull model and not a push model
  • No consistency in data capturing and data schema
  • Disparate data sources

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda
Amazon S3
Amazon SQS
Amazon Athena
Amazon Glue
Amazon DynamoDB
AWS CloudFormation
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Digital Fleet Management Capability


Quantiphi developed a highly scalable, fully managed platform using AWS native services to address LeasePlan’s existing challenges. This solution can monitor all assets 24×7 by capturing data points for both vehicle and driver and sending real-time alerts. Leaseplan is able to focus on metrics that are easily consumable. Additionally, data is used to make strategic purchase decisions, such as purchasing/selling new or old assets, type of asset, etc.


  • Captured and monitored logs for the fleets to generate real-time alerts and insights. It helped to
    • Reduce instances of mechanical failure
  • The platform loaded daily summary data of vehicles and events which included
    • Tire pressure
    • Average miles per hour
    • Average miles per gallon
    • Total trip distance
  • Enhanced resource utilization enabled
    • Better asset utilization
    • Maintenance scheduling and planning
    • Route and path optimization
  • The platform’s telematic data was used in various business units within LeasePlan to better plan events such as fuel savings, incident minimization, elevating the customer experience

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