Business Impact

  • 40K

    Call center agent business transformation

  • 24/7


  • 75%

    Query resolution handled by virtual agent

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

Problem Context

The customer is a technology-led business process services company whose current contact center setup incurred high operational and overhead costs due to increased manual efforts. They faced other challenges, such as low first call resolution rates and poor customer service from restricted contact center hours, and higher response time due to limited talking points for their 40,000 contact center agents.



  • Identifying frequently discussed topics and intents from chat and call logs ( i.e. having single channel audio with background noise and overlapping voices)
  • Training the virtual agent to handle similar intents across multiple topics
  • Configuration of the virtual agent with Avaya, LiveEngage and Oracle Service Bus

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Platform

Transforming Human Resources Information Services With an AI-Powered Virtual Agent


Quantiphi integrated Google Cloud Contact Center AI with the customer’s existing contact center system for a Human Resource Information Services (HRIS) solution. HRIS is utilized to facilitate workflow, improve efficiency, and store and collect information on benefits, payroll queries, and company policies. As part of the solution, Quantiphi built a virtual agent to respond to user queries over both chat & telephony platforms and an Agent Assist module that gives suggestions for human agents to answer queries faster and better.


  • Insightful direction for agents during a call
  • Improved average handle time
  • Omnichannel solution for chat and telephony integration

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