Business Impact

  • 20%

    Marketing attribution

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Advertising

Problem Context

Alphonso is a TV data company with the industry’s largest TV viewership footprint and provides insights on the TV viewing behavior of audiences which help different media agencies to target similar audiences. They wanted to determine the impact and effectiveness of an advertising campaign run across different digital platforms to help them improve their targeting strategy.



  • Inconsistent attribute details in the meta data
  • Processing millions of rows of data within minutes
  • Identify the right set of control groups
  • Multiple sources of data resulting in disparity in granularity

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Storage
Google Compute Engine
Google's BigQuery

Analyzing the Impact of Advertising Campaigns Run Across Different Platforms


Using Ad viewership data as well as in-store and website visitation data, Quantiphi performed data analysis that measured the effectiveness of the Ad exposure in getting brand visibility or TV tune-ins for the show of interest.

Quantiphi created dashboards on Tableau using outputs stored in the form of BigQuery tables to better consume the conversion results, insights and their associated factors. This helped to identify insightful viewership patterns by determining the conversion rate of the people exposed to the campaign versus people not exposed (control).


  • Lift analysis along with valuable and smarter insights on Tableau improved and optimized the campaign
  • Defined the best target audience for advertising campaigns

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