Business Impact

  • Developed a Holistic Customer View

  • Enabled Customer Profiling and Segmentation

  • Facilitated Data on a Single Platform

  • Built a Foundation to Achieve Data-driven Marketing Analytics

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : France
  • Size : 175,000+
  • Industry : Luxury Apparel and Accesories

Problem Context

A French-holding multinational corporation and luxury goods conglomerate were using SaaS/Black-box CDP solutions that lacked visibility and customizability. They required a white-box CDP solution to obtain a unified view of their customer data and leverage insights for personalized marketing efforts.


  • Disparate data from multiple application and web-based sources
  • Difficulty in real time data ingestion from sources to Google BigQuery (CDP)
  • Inconsistent data flow to and from Salesforce
  • Scattered user-level records

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Dataproc
Google Cloud Dataflow
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Function
Google Cloud Datalab

Developing a Transparent and Customized Customer Data Platform


Quantiphi created golden records or unique profiles of customers, including their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These records were then exported to the Salesforce environment through bi-directional data integration and used to perform customer profiling and segmentation on the basis of specific attributes.


  • Provided a consolidated view of all data sources in BigQuery to be used as a single source of truth for reporting and analysis
  • Enabled data-driven marketing analytics for understanding the business operations, marketing efforts, lead conversion funnel, revenue attribution, return on ad spead (ROAS), etc.
  • Provided a single, comprehensive view with data pulled from all relevant sources by generating unique golden IDs for each customer
  • Developed the custom solution with end-to-end process automation

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