Business Impact

  • New Revenue Stream From Data Subscriptions

  • Improved Financial Forecast Accuracy

  • Increased Process Efficiency

  • Increased Sales Volume

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : North America
  • Industry : Technology

Problem Context

The client provides innovative solutions and customer service to the retail automotive industry. The client offers metrics reporting, menu sales tools and F&I product administration solutions. They currently lack a central repository for their data and face challenges in monetizing it. Hence, they are looking to package their data and make it available for third parties along with gaining valuable insights.


  • Lack of central data repository
  • Scattered data retention policies
  • Current product suite is not scalable

Technologies Used

AWS Data Exchange
Amazon Athena
AWS Glue
Amazon S3
AWS Lambda
Amazon RDS
AWS Database Migration Service
AWS Lake Formation


Quantiphi conducted a two-day D2E Workshop which focused on generating ideas and a roadmap to define, design, build, and deliver new data products and services. The roadmap includes setting up a Data Mart to supplement the exchange of critical F&I data with third parties, setting up an analytical workbench to derive insights into a customer’s buying pattern and publishing the F&I data to make it available for third parties.


Developed engagement roadmap to :

  • Setup Data Mart in order to ease exchange of critical F&I data with third parties.
  • Setup analytical workbench to get valuable insights into customer’s buying patterns.

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