Business Impact

  • 38%

    Cost Reduction

  • 25%

    Increased Query Performance

Customer Key Facts

  • Industry : Insurance
  • Country : US

Problem Context

The client is one of the major staffing agencies in the United States, providing staffing and recruiting services to numerous firms in the Healthcare domain. The client required assistance in migrating its data from various data sources to Azure data bricks and Snowflake.


  • Extracting the required data with relevant KPIs for various business heads and outcomes
  • Live streaming of the data of different data sets with the best possible cloud infrastructure
  • Designing & Implementing the cost-effective solution
  • Scalable Infrastructure for better workload management

Technologies Used

Azure DevOps

Azure Databricks

Microsoft PowerBI


Confluent Kafka

Migrated Data From Various Data Sources to Azure Databricks and Snowflake


Quantiphi assisted with the ingestion, transformation, and reporting of client data as well as the creation of pipelines & construction of dashboards to allow for easy visualization of user information for various business needs. Quantiphi also assisted with the creation of streaming data pipelines from SQL Server to Azure Databricks utilizing Confluent Kafka.


  • Simplified infrastructure to stream and visualize the data for 1M+ healthcare professionals and 10,000+ clients
  • Real-time data streaming with 24/7 production support

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