Business Impact

  • 15,000+

    Sessions handled every year

  • <2 mins

    Average Handle Time

  • 96.2%

    Intent Accuracy Rate

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : USA
  • Industry : Public Sector

Problem Context

Oklahoma Vital Records, a division within the Oklahoma State Department of Health, maintains records of all births and deaths in the state of Oklahoma. Additionally, it advises the citizens on the process to request certified copies of records (cost, access points, eligibility) and modify them (adoption, paternity, amendment).

The services rendered by the Department include Community Health, Family Health Services, Prevention and Preparedness, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Health Promotion and Protective Health Services. The Department provides technical support and guidance to 68 county health departments and consultation services to two independent city-county health departments in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The State of Oklahoma Vital Records receives approximately 53,000 queries annually related to vital records, resulting in long wait times for query resolution. They faced poor citizen experience due to delayed responses and were skeptical of incurring high costs by managing live agents.



  • Long wait times for query resolution
  • High costs to manage live agents
  • Poor citizen experience due to delayed responses

Technologies Used

Dialogflow ES
App Engine
Cloud Functions
Google Cloud Storage
Firebase Realtime Database
Cloud Build
Source Repository
Secret Manager


  • Conducted a scoping study on the use cases to create a strategic CX roadmap
  • Developed a virtual agent for 100+ Vital Records FAQs (up to 140 intents) on Dialogflow ES
  • A Content Management System (CMS) was implemented to manage the FAQ responses
  • Seamless Management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), submitted by citizens, leveraging a Data Loss Prevention API
  • The virtual agent is all-inclusive to individuals with disabilities due to 508 compliance, ensuring safe and easy access
  • Built a custom analytics dashboard on Data Studio to gain insights into the performance of the virtual agent


  • 24/7 Access, Instant Solutions: Reduced wait times resulting in faster query resolution
  • Enabled easy modification of the virtual agent response in real-time by business users through a Google Sheets-based CMS integrated with Dialogflow, eliminating the need for technical knowledge to manage virtual agent responses
  • The dashboard facilitated the client with 19 crucial KPIs providing a 360 view to measure the virtual agent insights.

“The team was on top of everything and the turnaround to fix bugs was less than 48 hours. Despite the time zone difference, the team was very responsive. Shout out to the Quantiphi team.”

Evelyn Oliveria, Project Manager, Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

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