Business Impact

  • Increased user mobility, allowing users to access feed and main door control remotely through the miEntry app

  • Improved call quality and increased product flexibility & compatibility

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : Vaughan, Canada
  • Industry : Appliances, Electrical, and
    Electronics Manufacturing

Problem Context 

The client is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of Intelligent Building and life safety solutions that help manage buildings with ease and enhance security. They needed support for the development of their VOIP Project to replace the existing C# library from OPAL by LinPhone as it did not support some modern webcams.


  • The existing library was unable to support some modern webcams
  • The quality of audio and video calls wasn’t up to the mark
  • Compatibility issues with SIP servers/client

Technologies Used



Quantiphi helped change the codebase for the application to support the modern webcams and establish video calls with reasonably good video and audio quality while ensuring compatibility with the SIP client/server

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