Business Impact

  • Cloud spend visibility and analysis

  • Real-time reporting and decision making

  • Consolidated data on a single platform

Customer Key Facts

  • Industry : Healthcare

Problem Context

The client owns companies covering a diversified spectrum of essential health-related needs including health insurance, health care delivery, population health management, dental solutions, reinsurance solutions, and innovative technology solutions.

The client sought support from Google Cloud Professional Services (PSO) to design and develop a cloud billing analytics solution. The solution was expected to ingest billing data from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud service providers, normalize the data and visualize them using dashboards.



  • Challenges in assessing and managing billing across multiple cloud vendors
  • Unable to determine cloud spending and accurate charge-backs to internal cost centers
Cloud Storage


  • Quantiphi assisted the client in designing and developing a Looker-based cloud billing analytics solution to analyze billing data from AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • The solution is equipped to ingest billing data from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud


  • Built a Looker-based dashboard to analyze & visualize cloud billing data
  • Identified gaps in internal cost center hierarchies, and closely worked with the client to remediate
  • Enabled near real-tIme reporting and decision-making using BigQuery and Looker

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