Business Impact

  • Accelerated and Seamless Cloud Adoption

  • Enhanced Security Compliance

  • Flexibility and Control over Data Analytics and Reporting

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : Canada
  • Industry : Insurance

Problem Context

Ivari, a Canadian Insurance company based out of Toronto, used a managed services approach for their IT team and a third-party vendor to maintain their data. They were heavily invested in Microsoft services and wanted to familiarize themselves with AWS to explore capabilities like data replication, data processing, analytics, and reporting to migrate their data.


  • Replicating data from a third-party repository and processing it for enterprise consumption.
  • Integration of on-prem resources with the cloud and the integration of Amazon Quicksight with a web application for reporting requirements.
  • Security and regulatory compliance with AWS VPC and IAM.

Technologies Used

AWS Glue
AWS QuickSight
AWS CloudTrail
AWS IAM & IAM Analyzer
AWS Direct Connect & AWS Cage
AWS Secrets Manage

Build a Foundational Data Lake on AWS


Quantiphi collaborated with Ivari to build a Foundational Data Lake on AWS. We replicated data from the third-party repository and processed it for enterprise consumption. We helped the team to integrate on-prem resources with the cloud and Amazon Quicksight with a web application for reporting requirements. We also explored AWS Glue and Amazon Athena capabilities for data processing. Currently, Quantiphi is working to deploy the solution to a production environment.


  • Enabled utilization of advanced analytics capabilities that are now standard in the industry with ease as our solution is integrated with the enterprise’s existing Microsoft Azure platform.

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