Business Impact

  • Reduced manual effort

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Cost optimization

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Law Practice

Problem Context

The customer is a US-based personal injury law firm that assists patients in filing lawsuits in the event that they experience side effects from medical implants. They accumulate medical data from complaints to be presented as legal evidence in court. They required an application portal where they can review the extracted data and carry out various operations on the dataset.



  • Mapping information onto the portal from a diverse range of data sources
  • Maintaining specific requirements of each File Suits based on the medical case type
  • While handling PHI data, strict security guidelines for data protection needed to be followed to achieve HIPAA compliance

Technologies Used

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
AWS Lambda
Amazon Textract
Amazon Aurora
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeCommit
Amazon DynamoDB

Increasing Operational Efficiency With a Scalable and Automated Solution That Securely Stores Patients’ Case Information to Track and Report in Courts


Quantiphi designed and developed a portal capable of receiving, processing and curating Protected Health Information (PHI) medical records fetched from multiple sources, including handwritten and scanned documents, e-submissions, etc. This provides the customer with the capability to generate detailed reports from the case information. Furthermore, a highly secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure was developed which enables encryption at rest and in transit.


  • Reduction of manual effort to capture the information sent through handwritten documents
  • Easily accessible portal to fetch any case details with multiple filter capabilities
  • Flexible Ul with single-click deployment to generate reports from case information
  • Maximum cost optimization was achieved by implementing serverless architecture

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