Business Impact

  • Reduced Cost Per Acquisition

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Revenue Growth

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : North America
  • Industry : Financial Services

Problem Context

The client is a shared service organization serving affiliates that comprise the second-largest family of independent broker-dealers in the United States. Their advisor onboarding process is primarily manual with multiple data touch points from various internal and external data sources. The client wanted to speed up the onboarding process to bring new business faster.


  • Complex manual process for advisor onboarding
  • Time consuming batch data processing architecture
  • Multiple data touch points from various internal and external data sources

Technologies Used

Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
Amazon QuickSight
AWS Glue
Amazon Athena
AWS Lambda


Quantiphi conducted a two-day D2E discovery workshop to understand customer challenges to create a strategy, and is currently implementing the same. The client wanted to improve the advisor onboarding process which included driving operational excellence with improved data availability and quality, migration and modernization of disparate legacy systems for agility and building cloud-native applications for scalability.


Created engagement roadmap for:

  • Streamlining data pipeline and moving from batch processing to real time with legacy applications.
  • Migration and modernization of legacy systems on AWS Cloud to enable dashboarding.

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