Business Impact

  • Reduced Insider Risk with Accelerated Threat Response

  • Faster, Actionable Insights and Alerts

  • Data Integration and Automation

  • Single Source of Truth

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Financial Services

Problem Context

The client is a Canadian financial services company, primarily known for life insurance and investment products. The client required a robust cybersecurity mechanism and a platform to get real-time insights on threats.



  • Establishing a data quality framework and configuring alerts mechanism for high severity incidents
  • Real-time data processing, pipeline monitoring, CICD pipeline setup
  • Developing mechanism to reduce insider threat

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Sagemaker
Amazon EC2
Amazon Athena
Amazon CloudTrail
AWS Glue
Amazon SNS

Built a Scalable and Robust CyberSecurity Data Analytics Platform (CDAP)


Quantiph built a scalable and robust CyberSecurity Data Analytics Platform that could drive best practices for deployment and data quality strategies, and leverage machine learning solutions to derive insights.


  • Built a secure & robust Cyber Security Data platform for all the downward consumption, from accelerated access for log sources to faster insights generation and expedited ML implementation
  • Integrated data at the core, to implement User 360, threat landscape, and deploy ML models resulting in improved efficiency

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