Business Impact

  • 40% to 60%

    Reduction in
    Operational Cost

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : United States
  • Industry : HealthTech Data & Analytics

About The Customer

Headquartered in the United States, the Client is an industry-leading HealthTech data & analytics company that aims to connect all stakeholders of the workers’ compensation ecosystem. Through its platform, the client enables better & efficient management of claims while proactively offering injury prevention, treatment, and work readiness solutions for its end customer.


  • Evaluate ways to enhance their stakeholders’ experience by developing a strategy that could help them accelerate the quality and scale of recommendations and services.
  • Consolidate their core data sources like billing, CRM, and EHR along with the migration of their key business processes around case analysis to the AWS cloud.
  • Build comprehensive data models and metadata layers to facilitate analysis of case progression with proper risk management and help proactively define the right treatment options and clinical outcomes

Technologies Used

AWS Glue
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Athena
Amazon LakeFormation
AWS Step Functions
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


Quantiphi engaged with the client to build a foundational data lake and a warehouse using Amazon S3 and Lake Formation to enable better management of the information present across different data silos. The project also included the development of a consistent view on top of the established ‘lake house’ that augments the end-users through various data analytics and business intelligence tools like Amazon Athena to help derive meaningful insights

As a pilot deployment, Quantiphi has deployed resilient data models that are served by scalable data pipelines to ingest prioritized data sources (Billing and EHR) to a centralized lake house and are further used to create a 360-degree view of members profiles.

As part of long-term engagement, Quantiphi is working with the client to push pilots and MVPs into production and develop SOTA ML solutions that augment clinical analysis and help customers derive better insights into their workers’ compensation claims.


Ingestion, transformation, and consolidation of 1 TB of prioritized data spread across raw Billings and EHR data sources.

Paved the foundation for building experience layer applications that provides a holistic view of the members across silos.

Created standardized data ingestion and transformation processes

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