Business Impact

  • Enhanced data availability and governance

  • Cost benefits due to the flexible use of resources

  • Low Maintenance efforts with reduced staff hours

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : Canada
  • Industry : Technology

Problem Context

The client, a Canadian software solutions company wanted to migrate their logging data for various IT Systems associated with on-prem Hadoop (HDP 2.6.5) system to AWS EMR.

They wanted to carry out an assessment of their current architecture, prioritize data processing jobs and underlying databases for migration, and plan a strategic roadmap for migration to the AWS platform.


  • Absence of scalability and flexibility
  • Maintenance of on-prem hardware
  • Limited data protection policies for on-prem data

Technologies Used

AWS Glue

Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon S3

Amazon EC2

Amazon Athena

AWS Lake Formation
Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Amazon Aurora

Amazon EMR

Amazon Sagemaker

Amazon Redshift


During the assessment phase, Quantiphi analyzed and understood the client’s existing data ecosystem and designed an end-to-end architecture that was compliant with the security standards and regulatory requirements along with the migration strategy and roadmap.

370TB of historical data migration, application migrations from on-prem Hadoop (2.6.5) to AWS was enabled.

An ingestion pipeline for different backend databases, event pipelines, and data sources was created in addition to the establishment of BI Capabilities to create interactive and intuitive dashboards.


Successfully migrated the client’s logging data associated with the on-prem Hadoop platform to the AWS cloud.

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