Business Impact

  • ~50%

    Savings in infrastructure costs and faster data processing

  • 85+

    Insightful dashboards created on Looker

  • 170

    Companies receive weekly alerts with business insights

  • 100k+

    Users utilize sales data from households and industries

Key Facts

  • Country : United States
  • Industry : CPG

Problem Context

An American information, data, and market measurement firm that operates in over 100 countries and employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide was facing various challenges with its BI system, directly impacting critical operations.


  • Frequently changing data structure
  • Complex KPI calculations
  • Ineffective alerting systems leading to missed business opportunities

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Composer
Google Cloud Dataflow
Google Cloud Storage
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud SQL

Redeveloping dashboards and optimizing data lineage on Google cloud (BigQuery)


  • Leveraged Data transfer services to migrate data from Azure to GCS. BigQuery CLI commands were used to move data from GCS to BigQuery 
  • Developed 85+ insightful dashboards on Looker and built features such as Scorecards, Promotion Dashboards, Pricing, and Assortment Dashboards 
  • Used an on-demand auto-scaling approach that delivers weekly email alerts to the user’s inbox 
  • Created an on-demand and content-rich stories generated for SMB CPG manufacturers, to detect threats and take appropriate actions
  • Built a Customized Data Extraction interface that allows users to access data at a scheduled time

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