Business Impact

  • Generate Insights on Employee performance

  • Reduced Time and Effort

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Information Technology

Problem Context

The client, a pharmaceutical company’s IT department assessed the performance of their IT technicians based on the customers’ comments, making the process resource-intensive. They wanted to automate this process by using text analytics and make it more efficient.



  • Multi lingual Comments
  • Analyzing comments with mixed sentiments
  • Extracting Emojis from the comments

Technologies Used


Analyze customer comments to assess employee performance and provide insights on improvement


Quantiphi built an automated solution that could measure customer sentiments using techniques like parts of speech tagging, polarity analysis, and language detection. This helped the client to analyze customer comments and provide information on areas of improvement for each employee.


Built an automated solution which helped in reducing time and effort to generate insights on employee performance

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