Business Impact

  • Partnership doing enterprise-grade Cloud Foundations following the Google Cloud's best practices

  • On-demand creation of SAP Certified VMs and meticulously designed IAM Concept, Secure Foundation, and the Landing Zone for SAP sandboxes

  • Guidance on running varieties of SAP workloads i.e. SAP ERP, SAP BW, and SAP Business Objects for an effective on-demand business

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : USA
  • Industry : Cloud Computing

Problem Context 

The client, a managed service provider for SAP wanted to extend and innovate its existing services on Google Cloud. They planned to build Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed Services offerings for their customers’ SAP and non-SAP workloads. Hence, they collaborated with Quantiphi to create a GCP sandbox for migrating their first customers’ SAP workloads.


  • Extend and innovate existing services on Google Cloud
  • Lack of a robust technical cloud foundation and a safe landing framework
  • Achieve enterprise innovation goals while meeting compliance requirements

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Platform


Quantiphi created on-demand SAP Certified VMs, operationalized the IAM Concept, delivered Secure Foundation and the Landing Zone for SAP sandboxes as ready-to-be deployed environments. We also included additional landscape complexities in operationalizing the overall landscape that included an interplay of different Operating Systems (RHEL and SUSE) for enabling the workflows across SAP VMs.

The 3 MVPs included in the scope consisted of SAP ERP (ECC), SAP S/4HANA, and SAP BW/4HANA hosts. They were designed to best-run different SAP environments including ERP, DWH, and BI/ reporting types of workloads.


  • Multi-tenant design for the client’s customer tenants and network isolation between customer tenant environments.
  • Customized reporting of GCP billing data with BigQuery and Google sheets/Excel.
  • Leveraged Google Cloud’s default encryption solution instead of external tools.

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