Business Impact

  • Standardize ETL pipelines using snowflake without impacting business outcomes

  • Reduce the execution time for faster results

  • Reduce cost with at scale capabilities for business growth

  • Standardize reports using snowflake without impacting business

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : United States
  • Size : 10,000+ employees
  • Industry : Supplemental Insurance

Problem Context

The client, one of the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the US leverages Teradata on-premise to host majorly its EODS & ADW components of their enterprise data platform. Teradata acts as the data service layer for downstream sales operations & analytical reporting applications. It intends to leverage the cloud infrastructure setup and Snowflake as its’ target Cloud Warehouse Layer.



  • IVR, GPR, RDM Databases need to be maintained on-prem
  • EODS needs to be maintained both on-prem and on Snowflake
  • Minimize dependency on Hadoop as source and eliminate dependency on Teradata as source
  • Leverage existing ingestion and tokenization mechanism for moving data to Snowflake


Apache Hive
SAP Business Object

Enable migration of data assets from Teradata


Quantiphi aims to execute migration program in 2 parallel tracks:

Track 1: Enable Full Load and Incremental load for moving existing and future workloads from Teradata

Track 2: Refactor existing ETL pipelines for Snowflake / On prem SQL Server (eliminate Teradata as source)


Existing EODS, ADW workloads to be prioritized over other databases in Teradata for migration and ETL refactoring

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