Business Impact

  • 10%

    Time Reduced for Sales Representatives to Generate Orders

  • $10 MM

    OPEX Savings Generated Annually After Using OrderSmart™

  • 150,000

    Convenience Stores were able to Generate Automated Draft Sales Orders Across North America

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : IT Services for Coca-Cola Bottlers

Problem Context

Coca-Cola Bottlers were spending a significant amount of OPEX on daily sales visits of account managers to 150,000+ convenience retail stores across North America. On top of that, a significant amount of money was spent on managing contract employees during vacation periods for account managers.
The sales visit process was time-consuming and prone to errors due to the manual counting of every item in the store. Also, inaccurate orders were causing significant stock-outs and customer returns.




  • ~0.1 billion SKU-store combinations
  • Products with very low purchase frequency
  • Non-uniformity of sales pattern of products across customers (stores)
  • Unexplained outliers due to promotions and other reasons

Technologies Used

Azure HDInsights
Node js

Transforming Sales Order Generation Process With OrderSmart™


To solve our client’s problem, Quantiphi came up with an AI ML assisted solution, called OrderSmart™. OrderSmart™ is a scalable predictive ordering solution that uses proprietary AI and ML algorithms to transform the manual sales-order generation process. OrderSmart™ transforms manual processes of order generation at the Store-SKU level, reduces costs and effort, and improves operational efficiency.


  • Labor dependency reduced as manual counting of stocks at convenience stores reduced.
  • Bottlers were able to save OPEX by reducing sales visits related costs
  • Future Orders helped the bottlers to better contract employee engagement

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