Business Impact

  • Improved performance

  • Replaced legacy on-premise solution with modernized cloud architecture

  • Reduced downtime and better security

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : North America
  • Industry : Logistics and Transportation

Problem Context

Trimac, a provider of bulk trucking transportation, logistics, distribution, and management services had an IVR solution
that was used by gas stations across Canada to review and update fuel inventory readings. The inventory details received from the gas stations were then stored locally on the IVR device and transmitted to Trimac’s TMS applications for dispatchers to plan their day. However, Trimac wanted to modernize their IVR solution by re-architecting the solution on Amazon Connect to offer a secure and create additional channels to enhance the experience for their customers. They aimed to solidify their reputation as a trusted industry leader with cloud based technologies to improve customer experiences and enhance the security, scalability, and efficiency of our environment.


  • The existing solution was on-premise and had the limited capability in terms of expandability, connectivity, and monitoring. It existed on an older legacy platform on hardware that was outdated and OS unsupported, posing a security risk.
  • The tight integration of the IVR solution with the existing TMS Fuel system required building out an API interface to help move towards microservices and decoupling mechanisms put in place.

Technologies Used

Amazon S3
Amazon Connect
Amazon Pinpoint
Amazon DynamoDB
AWS Lambda
Amazon SNS
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon Lex
MongoDB Atlas on AWS


Built an IVR Solution on Amazon Connect

Quantiphi built an IVR solution on Amazon Connect with defined contact flows and integrations with API endpoints Of Trimac’s Database. The solution provides multi-channel support, including voice and SMS channel offerings for their customers. It also helps our dispatchers by proactively reaching out to customers requesting reminders to update their most current readings. Quantiphi also assisted Trimac in implementing infrastructure CI/CD pipelines and manual testing of the IVR solution.


The IVR solution is enabling :

  • 24X7 access to gas stations for updating and reviewing fuel inventory details across multiple channels
  • Automated user validation through integration with customer record database
  • New SMS channel offering instant communication and flexibility for customers to update fuel inventory details
  • In-built logging mechanism to capture caller details and conversation records
  • Delivering automation by reaching out to customers to update their readings

“Quantiphi excelled in understanding our environment, swiftly adapting, and conducting thorough business analysis. Their team quickly grasped the legacy codebase and proposed a solution aligned with Trimac’s architecture guidelines. We relied on their communication skills, transparency regarding risks, and ability to empathize with our business challenges while considering technical limitations, making them an outstanding partner to collaborate with.”

Mohamed Harshad Haroon, Director Digital Transformation, Trimac Transportation

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