Business Impact

  • 29,000+

    citizen benefit forms processed in the last three months

  • 1900+

    man hour saved in the last three months

  • 80%

    automation of the review process

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : United States
  • Industry : State & Local Government

Problem Context

The client is a US State Government Agency, responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of wage-earning employees. They decided to transform their document processing operation by leveraging AI. They wanted a tailored AI-powered solution to automate document classification, data extraction, and redaction of personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring data security to manage a substantial volume of citizen unemployment benefits and insurance application claims documents.


  • Get insights into documents received and extracted based on time periods, peak time, etc.
  • Create a system to automatically notify the corresponding department when the required fields from the documents have been updated.

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda
Amazon Textract
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Route 53
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon SQS


Quantiphi leveraged QDox, its intelligent document processing solution powered by Amazon Textract to process thousands of documents related to citizen unemployment benefits and insurance application claims. It efficiently sends notifications to respective departments once data extraction is complete.


  • Automated document classification and extraction of essential information from various forms.
  • Significantly reduced time and manual workload.
  • Redacted PII data to ensure data security.
  • Gained insights into citizen unemployment benefits, insurance application claims, total benefits allowances rolled out, monthly beneficiaries served, claims payout versus denied claims, and more with the help of BI dashboard.

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