Business Impact

  • 5.5K

    chat sessions automated

  • 1800+

    positive experiences

  • 3-step

    access to claim specific information

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : United States of America
  • Industry : Public Sector

Problem Context

Immediate resolution of claimant queries and alleviation of claims contact center traffic

The customer is a US state government agency that manages the unemployment system. The Covid 19 outbreak affected almost all the industries, leading to an all time high unemployment rate throughout the globe. With limited workforce and contact hours, it became difficult for the customer to handle the high volume of claim and unemployment benefits related queries.


  • Thousands of Covid induced job losses led to huge call volumes on the contact center
  • Limited contact center hours, lack of timely/daily updates and long waiting hours resulted in poor customer experience
  • Customers calling in for basic FAQs and their account related details led to a decline in agents’ productivity

Technologies Used

Google Cloud
Google Data Studio
Dialogflow Messenger


Quantiphi developed a 24/7, chat-enabled virtual assistant (VA) capable of providing information related to claimants’ claim status, overpayments, tax withheld, account related queries and much more. The assistant is able to answer ~1000 FAQs, allowing human agents to concentrate on more complex queries. A powerful Data Studio analytics dashboard has been set up to enable the business users to gauge VA performance and make impactful decisions to further enhance the VA’s capabilities.

The virtual assistant is integrated with the customer’s multiple backend systems to authenticate claimants and provide their claim specific information.


  • 1800+ (and counting) users found the virtual assistant helpful.
  • Fraud detection and performance metrics to enable data driven decisions, ensuring continous improvement of the solution.

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