Achieving responsible growth and operational excellence with AI

Our sustainability leadership is intrinsically linked to our focus on strong financial performance. Integrating sustainability into our business practices reduces risk, creates value for our shareholders and communities and promotes a more competitive, efficient portfolio.

Hear straight from the Lion's mouth about Quantiphi's Sustainability Aspirations!

Reghu shares Q Sustainability Goals
Asif’s Note on Earth Day
Ritesh talks about the theme for Earth Day 2023

Our governance takes into account the logistics and defined process for running a business or organization

Board of directors and its makeup

Venture partner compensation

Hiring and onboarding best practices

Our Target

End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and mistreatment of children

Empower tech growth in least-developed nations by boosting tech capacity, driving innovation, and leveraging ICT for transformative change

What we do

Sustainable Lunch sessions

Guest speakers and activities that showcase sustainability and why it matters to you

Social Media Messaging

Ensuring that we are sharing, posting, liking creating meaningful messaging around all the good that we are doing for Social responsibility

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