ForeQast – Deep Learning Based Forecasting Solution

Our Expertise

Quantiphi’s Cognitive Forecasting offers an automated and scalable deep learning-based approach to estimation which fully developed on AWS. The extensively trained deep learning models help estimate consumer demand as well as market demand with a high degree of accuracy & predictability and reduce overall risk. Quantiphi’s forecasting models auto estimate trend, seasonality, and cyclicity of demand patterns and with AWS, the models can massively scale to estimate the demand of your entire SKU portfolio.

Key Solution Features

Gives highly accurate forecasts for virtually every industry, including retail, logistics, finance, advertising performance, and much more

Leverages machine-learning that automatically discovers complex relationships between time-series data, product features, weather conditions, and store locations

Supports advanced forecasting of up to years in as little as a few hours

Helps to run your business better by managing production planning to inventory management to workforce scheduling

Provides a highly interactive dashboard to monitor & visualize the forecasting results

Ensures a highly secured data environment to maintain confidentiality & Security

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