Quantiphi Collaborates with AWS for Media Intelligence Solutions Launch

March 26, 2021

Quantiphi, an applied AI and data science software and solutions company, announced today that they are a launch partner for the newly launched AWS Media Intelligence Solutions.  AWS Media Intelligence solutions allow organizations to analyze their media content, discover new insights and opportunities, and increase the lifetime value of the content. These solutions make it easy to add machine learning (ML) to media content workflows, with no prior ML experience required. They cover 4 important use cases: content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization.

This collaboration acknowledges Quantiphi’s ability to transform the media and entertainment industry with AI-powered insights and intelligent workflows. It highlights Quantiphi’s deep expertise in building and deploying AI/ML solutions to automate otherwise time-intensive and costly content aggregation, distribution, and management processes. 

“Quantiphi is proud to be a part of AWS Media Intelligence Solutions Launch,” said Arnav Gupta, Global Practice Lead – AWS, Quantiphi, Inc. “Exponential demand of streaming content and the overall growth of the M&E industry has created an enormous opportunity for everyone to forge a personal relationship with the end consumers. All stakeholders including creators, aggregators, and advertisers need to reinvent themselves with new technologies in order to stay relevant. With our deep expertise in AWS – we are fully integrated and readily equipped to help the M&E industry meet growing customer demands by building and deploying AI-powered Media Intelligence solutions.”

Quantiphi recognizes the unprecedented growth of content and data that the M&E industry has seen over the last decade – which when leveraged, can help firms accelerate their business growth while helping them improve time and cost-efficiency. AWS Media Intelligence Solutions will enable enterprises to lower their operational costs, boost user reach and engagement, increase the lifetime value of existing content, and drive top-line growth by covering four important use cases: content search and discovery, subtitling and localization, content monetization, and compliance and moderation.

Quantiphi is helping M&E firms organizations enrich their content aggregation, distribution, and management processes by building state-of-the-art AI solutions, all of which use at its core the power of AWS ML technology to intelligently curate, process, and analyze media. 

To get started, you can visit  Quantiphi Media Intelligence Solution

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