Quantiphi Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Encompass Technologies to Deliver Leading-Edge AI and Machine Learning Products for the Beer Industry

June 29, 2022

Marlborough, MA – June 29, 2022 – Quantiphi, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership with Encompass Technologies to deliver an innovative AI-enabled predictive order management solution to beer and beverage distributors in North America. Distributors on the Encompass platform now have access to Quantiphi’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) products that have been curated for the beer and beverage industry.

Distributors can subscribe to OrderSmartTM, a predictive ordering solution that uses proprietary AI and ML algorithms and has a proven track record of transforming the sales-order generation process for some of the largest beverage distributors in North America. OrderSmartTM is used by more than 10,000 sales associates daily and has allowed distributor sales teams to spend more time selling and serving their convenience store customers more efficiently, releasing millions of dollars in OpEx savings.

The expansion of the business collaboration between Quantiphi and Encompass Technologies enables increased ability to deliver new and cutting-edge capabilities to Encompass’ customers, continuing to provide them with differentiated advantages in the marketplace.

“The Quantiphi-Encompass partnership is a powerful combination. Quantiphi’s understanding of the beverage and food industry, our deep engineering expertise, and our predictive ordering solution, OrderSmartTM, are uniquely complementary to the needs of distributors on the Encompass platform,” said Reghu Hariharan, Co-founder, of Quantiphi. “With a vast presence and the added capabilities of Encompass Technologies’ ecosystem, this partnership brings the power of AI and ML to transform the sales-order process for Encompass’ customer base, enabling higher efficiency in the sales and distribution process.”

“Technology is what will enable everyone working across the three tiers of the Alcoholic/ Non-alcoholic beverages industry to get closer to the customer,” said Bill Kraich, Vice President of eCommerce for Encompass. “Working with Quantiphi makes the entire process for distributors more efficient and transparent. Transparency means better forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management.”  

About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of the business. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter,  customer experiences are frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer. For more on Quantiphi’s capabilities, visit www.quantiphi.com

About Encompass Technologies

Encompass Technologies provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform connecting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the beverage and food industry. Encompass solutions span full ERP, CRM, eCommerce, data and insights, route accounting, warehouse management, logistics, data warehousing, financials, sales execution, and more. With 20 years of industry experience in distribution software, expertise in beverage production ERP through the merger with Orchestra Software, and experience in offering retail insights and solutions through the acquisition of Handoff Technologies, Encompass has a reputation for innovation, and collaboration, and for focusing on moving the industry forward. Visit https://encompasstech.com for more information.

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