Quantiphi gears up to revolutionize Contact Center Service with Google Cloud CCAI Specialization

March 13, 2023

MARLBOROUGH, MA: Quantiphi has recently announced that it has achieved the Google Cloud Contact Center AI Specialization (CCAI). This comes after it was named a launch partner for the CCAI Platform, validating Quantiphi’s expertise in the Conversational AI domain. This specialization partner badge is a recognition of Quantiphi’s efforts to maintain its position as one of Google Cloud’s preferred partners for CCAI implementations. 

Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI solution suite leverages AI to scale customer service interactions and enhance customer satisfaction. The CCAI solution suite provides a unified and intelligent technology platform for enterprises to increase visibility, allowing live agents to seamlessly adapt to virtual assistance to resolve customer queries. Google Cloud’s CCAI offers an omnichannel experience via highly trained virtual agents that can handle 80% of the repetitive tasks. The representative is equipped with a brief history sheet of the conversation, preventing the customer from repeating themselves and assisting the live agent to resolve queries more efficiently. 

Earning the Google Cloud CCAI specialization sets a benchmark for future solution implementations and is a testament to Quantiphi’s ability to utilize the right tools and technologies to meet customer expectations. Quantiphi was evaluated for its enterprise-level delivery process approach, its process for discovering, assessing, and acting on business and technical constraints, and the customer success noted post-implementation of the proposed CCAI solution.

“The Google Cloud CCAI specialization reinforces our commitment towards AI-led contact center transformations,” says Gaurav Johar, Global Practice Leader for Conversational AI at Quantiphi. “Our CCAI solution portfolio not only enhances contact center experiences of the end-user but adds immense business value for our clients by reducing contact center costs through increased call containment and reduction in average call handle time. This recognition is a testimony to our excellence and proven customer success in implementing Conversational AI solutions.”

By consistently keeping up with the advances in the Conversational AI space, Quantiphi is at the forefront of getting early access to the products and new features for Google Cloud’s CCAI product suite, such as the Contact Center AI Platform. Equipped with sound thought leadership and several successful use cases, Quantiphi has showcased its proficiency in implementing CCAI solutions. 

“We’re pleased to recognize Quantiphi’s achievement of Google Cloud CCAI Specialization,” said Bronwyn Hastings, Vice President, ISV Ecosystems and Channel at Google Cloud. Quantiphi’s repeatable and proven success implementing CCAI with customers, and its technical capabilities in conversational AI, make it a trusted specialization partner for customers looking to modernize contact center and customer service experiences with Google Cloud.”

Some of the parameters that Quantiphi excelled at were:

  • Displaying Value Proposition in Google Cloud CCAI: By focusing primarily on Google Cloud CCAI implementations and various collaborations with Google Cloud to create awareness around Conversational AI, Quantiphi was able to demonstrate its strong Conversational AI knowledge base.
  • CCAI Capabilities: Quantiphi has successfully enabled AI-driven digital transformation for diverse projects and businesses by upgrading their existing traditional IVRs to modern virtual agent technologies. 
  • Team Distribution & Capacity Planning: Quantiphi’s talent pool and client base span continents, marking its presence globally. Achieving this specialization for the North American Region is a motivation to further expand to other regions like Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, strengthening its global footprint. 
  • Google Cloud Certified Personnel: To ensure that CCAI implementations are future-proof, Quantiphi ensures the team adapts to changing times and delivers successfully, through continuous training. 
  • Customer Success Stories: Another significant parameter that Quantiphi was measured on was customer success, representing implementation and migration projects taken up in the last two years, which included customer statements attesting to the quality of work delivered. 

Quantiphi has long aimed to elevate customer experience and amplify agent productivity through AI integration. The implementation of CCAI solutions is a step towards realizing the goal. Quantiphi’s CCAI capabilities enhance contact center services, adding immense business value for service providers. As a preferred partner for Google Cloud, this recognition is one among many Quantiphi has received over the years. To know more about Quantiphi’s Conversational AI abilities, visit: https://quantiphi.com/applications/conversational-ai/ 

About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of businesses. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer. 

For more on Quantiphi’s capabilities, visit: www.quantiphi.com

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