Quantiphi launches a centralized MLOps platform, NeuralOps, to solve enterprise-grade issues in ML operations

May 26, 2022

NeuralOps platform enables enterprises to reuse their machine learning (ML) infrastructure assets, build repeatable automation, and ease through ML development and deployment lifecycle.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, today announced the launch of its centralized MLOps platform, NeuralOps to help organizations overcome challenges in large-scale ML operations. This platform allows enterprises to organize their ML assets and streamline ML solution development and deployment.

The MLOps challenges enterprises face today include redundant and incoherent automation efforts, lack of adherence to best practices, and lower visibility over existing reusable ML assets.

NeuralOps provides a single source of truth for enterprises to organize their ML assets and simplify model deployment and management. Built on top of Amazon SageMaker, NeuralOps allows organizations to fully utilize the power of the AWS ecosystem and scale their ML solutions. The platform’s ready-to-use, prepackaged capabilities automate over 90% of standard ML tasks. It also allows enterprises to:

  • Manage end-to-end ML Model lifecycle
  • Reuse ML assets created on the platform
  • Enforce best practices for ML development
  • Optimize cloud Infrastructure

“Streamlining ML operations has been a huge challenge for large enterprises in adopting ML-based intelligence solutions across business functions. With NeuralOps, we help organizations scale ML across a wide range of use cases without increasing the operational overhead and realizing business value at the earliest,” said Jim Keller, Global Head of AWS at Quantiphi.

To learn more about the NeuralOps platform, visit the Neuralops page.

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