Quantiphi Launches a Wide Range of Industry-Focused AWS-Powered Conversational AI Offerings

November 15, 2021

Quantiphi, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, continues to deliver transformative results to customers and help them with conversational AI solutions leveraging cutting-edge AWS products.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., November 15, 2021 — Quantiphi, an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company, announced today the launch of its wide range of conversational AI solutions to empower businesses across industries to harness the power of the new-age AWS suite of products.

Quantiphi’s conversational AI solutions include human natured multi-channel virtual agents and real time agent assistants. These solutions are designed to help serve as powerful tools that empower businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver hyper-personalized and omnichannel service around the clock. Quantiphi’s conversational AI services include use-case-specific offerings such as patient medical triaging, personal banking assistance, educational tutoring, insurance claim processing, and customer service that help businesses worldwide.

Conversational AI helps organizations build solutions that create unified, consistent, and highly engaging environments for their customers, employees, and partners. Quantiphi combines its deep technical expertise of conversational AI along with AWS AI services to help businesses successfully tap into the potential of conversational AI to generate impactful business value at an enterprise level and reduce operational costs.

“We are thrilled to offer conversational AI solutions as a strategic partner of AWS to our customers looking to create fluid and frictionless customer experience,” said Jim Keller, global AWS leader at Quantiphi. “With a compelling range of industry-focused conversational AI solutions combined with our deep industry expertise and passion for solving complex business problems, we continue to enable our customers to respond quickly to ever-changing customer demands, market opportunities, and enhance customer relationships.”

Quantiphi aims to help customers in financial services, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, manufacturing, media, and entertainment implement complex conversation flows, derive insights, and develop dashboards showcasing quantifiable KPIs. Quantiphi, alongside AWS, has emerged as a go-to partner for introducing ground-breaking conversational AI solutions to the market that increase user satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and streamline business processes—all while speeding up time-to-market.

About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of the business. Quantiphi solves the toughest and complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud, data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve quantifiable business impact at unprecedented speed. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer by detecting risks, threats, and anomalies. Together with partners and customers, we embark on a data and AI-led transformation journey that delivers impactful and measurable results. For more on Quantiphi’s capabilities, visit www.quantiphi.com

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