Quantiphi Wins 2020 Google Cloud Specialization & Public Sector Partner of the Year Award

From the disruption of millions of lives to huge losses to the global economy, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have been significant in volume and impact. In such times, we are fortunate and proud to have been awarded 2X Partner of the year awards – Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year – Data Analytics and Google Cloud Partner of the Year – Public Sector (U.S. Education), 2020. This incredible honor recognizes our efforts to help organizations and communities tackle the issues created by the crisis.

The award is a tribute to our resilient leadership and our team’s commitment to solving what matters to our customers and the community at large. It recognizes Quantiphi’s proven expertise in leveraging cutting-edge GCP services, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to develop groundbreaking solutions that help our customers embark on a data and AI-led digital transformation journey.

We are selected as the winner of the 2020 Google Partner Specialization of the Year Award – Data Analytics based on a technical assessment demonstrating the ability to build and deploy at-scale data warehouses, data lakes, and analytics solutions on Google Cloud to derive enriched and advanced insights to customers worldwide. Over the past few months, we have helped key industry business problems in sectors such as Healthcare, BFSI, and Retail, just to name a few, by unlocking the possibilities of customer data to drive faster innovations in advanced analytics and AI/ML, enabling customers to realize value from their investments.

Being a Google Cloud Premier Partner allows us to develop numerous data-driven delivery and sales accelerators that help industries apply important Data Analytics and AI concepts to fuel unlimited data exploration and uncover hidden insights. Here’s a look at the few initiatives that helped us earn the 2020 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award – Data Analytics:

  • Large-Scale Data Modernization: Built petabyte-scale data platforms, data warehouses, and data lakes on Google Cloud by modernizing data and apps
  • Looker Partnership: As an Advanced Consulting and Implementation Partner, we have built one of the largest distinguished Looker certified cohorts that helps customers globally build data-driven culture through the power of Google Cloud and Looker
  • Social Responsibility: Alleviated data struggles for top HCLS organizations with real-time dashboards to optimize patient bed utilization, patient diagnosis, employee safety and vaccine management
  • Data Democratization: Developed and streamlined HIPAA compliant data democratization processes for all radiological data for one of the largest pharmaceutical providers
  • Federated Learning: Deployed a state-of-the-art federated learning solution spanning across five continents and three major cloud service providers for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Innovation: Improved performance of AI/ML workflows by accelerating Apache Spark 3.0 data transfer and processing using GPUs
  • Solutions across Industries: Built bespoke data solutions spanning industries such as HCLS (HIPAA and GxP compliant data platforms), BFSI (Fraud detection, customer churn, underwriting analytics), and manufacturing (predictive analytics and third-party infrastructure deployments)

In addition to leveraging the Google Cloud Platform to help businesses around the world solve the toughest data challenges with ease, the teams at Quantiphi also committed to supporting the US education sector by delivering immersive AI-powered learning solutions amidst the pandemic.

We are excited to be recognized by Google Cloud for our ability to unleash the power of Google Cloud platform to create comprehensive and compelling learning solutions that made a significant impact for educational institutions across the United States. Some of the most noteworthy solutions that helped us earn the recognition of an innovator in the education sector from Google Cloud include developing a Deep-learning based Intelligent Tutor System that enables adaptive personalized learning and building a medical imaging diagnostics solution for the Johns Hopkins University BIOS Division.

Being a Google Cloud Premier Partner empowers us to deliver innovative solutions in the AI-ML space for our enterprise clients to transform their business models and create sustainable and scalable revenue streams. Not only is this an exciting milestone for our partnership with Google Cloud, but it is also a great tool to help our customers tap into the unparalleled power of GCP services and latest advancements in AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Marketing Analytics.

Adding on to our long list of honors and awards, we have been previously awarded the Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner of the Year twice in a row for 2018 and 2017 and the Google Cloud Global Social Impact Partner of the Year for 2019. Quantiphi is proud to be able to celebrate yet another milestone with Google Cloud and looks forward to solving the most complex challenges that businesses around the world face today. For more information about Quantiphi’s partnership with Google Cloud, visit: https://quantiphi.com/partners/google-cloud/

Written bySaurabh Mishra

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