Mimi Bhattacharjee

I want to thank the Quantiphi team for the continued assistance and support on the Cloud Data Program. Your technical acumen, experience, and ability to quickly pivot and deliver on time in a challenging environment are greatly appreciated. Building the Snowflake data warehouse and ingesting several years of historical data enabled us to work towards a single source of truth for all our data sources. It paved the way for several Data Science initiatives as well as eased user access to data thus driving business value to all our business stakeholders. I strongly recommend Quantiphi to any organization embarking on a Cloud Data Platform journey. Once again, we express our gratitude for your exceptional expertise and experience in ensuring the success of the project.

Jona Mici

Quantiphi is first-in-class when it comes to understanding and managing big data analytics. They were integral in helping us develop a platform that processes our multiple data feeds efficiently and at minimal costs as well as excelling in extracting the most important elements of this data and transforming them into insightful results.

Manish Munshi

Our experience with Quantiphi employees has been stellar and getting better with every passing day. They have a great pool of talented individuals and an excellent internal training program. Apart from delivering several noteworthy solutions, Quantiphi has built an extension to our BI platform on AWS that enables us to feed information back into a database, allowing reporting and feedback mechanisms to capture user comments and decisions from within the BI report itself.

Scott Francis

Quantiphi assisted in demonstrating the possibilities of a new Amazon technology and testing the value of the solution. The Quantiphi team was highly professional. They were prepared for every meeting and were able to meet all of their deliverables on schedule. They interfaced well with our team and achieved all the program goals.

Parsh Wanath

The telematics space is a key differentiator in the automobile leasing industry, and with that thought, we wanted to develop a unique platform that could help us in real-time data processing. Quantiphi team, through their hard work, technical expertise, and dedication, helped us develop this capability within our business timelines. AWS services like Kinesis Firehose played a significant role in enabling the solution. The overall solution also helped us establish a foundational capability to identify more use cases to transform and digitize other parts of our business using the power of data.

Mike Daicoff

Quantiphi team addressed our apprehensions regarding infrastructure modernization and change management by assisting our team in rapidly adopting AWS and implementing industry-leading security and engineering best practices.

Selina Clarke

I have been at Quantiphi for 1 year and what I like most about working at Q is that everyone is so supportive and leadership is amazing. They have all helped guide me to see the endless possibilities for AI while constantly encouraging me to utilize my creative background.

Sneha Waghmare

In my 5+ years with Quantiphi,  I’ve had the opportunity to explore new areas of expertise. One of the things I appreciate most is the emphasis on building strong relationships with clients to deliver high-quality solutions. Quantiphi’s culture is friendly and collaborative that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Hilary Cull

At Quantiphi, I have witnessed the growth and adoption of endless possibilities that AI and ML have in healthcare. Being involved in the solutions that allow higher quality of life, greater accuracy in the field, and changing healthcare for the better, is beyond rewarding.

Jim Keller

Quantiphi is an organization that exemplifies the meaning of collaboration, idea sharing, experimentation and innovation.  New ideas are both welcomed and embraced.  Our team members are what fuels our success and Quantiphi’s velocity require us to seek inclusion, diverse opinions and smart execution.