Agnostic • June 5, 2020

5 reasons why moving to DevOps might be best for your business

When we talk about infallible methods to boost IT Efficiency along with Data management, the term DevOps is on everyone’s lips. In a nutshell, DevOps is an agile relationship between development, information technology operations and data management and security aimed squarely at shortening the systems development life cycle.

DevOps is the talk of the town at the moment and for good reason. According to McKinsey, the benefits of moving to DevOps include a 25 to 30% increase in capacity creation, a 50 to 75% reduction in time to market, and a greater than 50% reduction in failure rates.

Why DevOps?

  1. When Development throws a spanner in the works by requesting new environments, operations struggle to keep up. DevOps mitigates this by ensuring better collaboration between the two domains. Collaboration equals better and productive communication.
  2. DevOps makes it easier to maintain, test and reuse applications and also to minimize deployment risks
  3. The DevOps framework monitors and quickly detects issues as soon as they arise to facilitate immediate solutions to restore the norm. 
  4. DevOps provisions fast and efficient feedback loops that mitigate bugs and other defects. 
  5. It removes human errors by leveraging automation 

Let’s paint a bigger picture

Customer Experience is the most important metric against which all firms are measured and exceeding their expectations is paramount. The DevOps Framework rather tactfully mitigates errors and delivers a kind of consistency in operations and unbeatable performance to the customers.

Successful implementation is to have a product or service delivery up and running quickly. This responsibility sits on the engineering team’s shoulders. From start to finish, DevOps provides the tools necessary to deliver excellence by ensuring the entire operation runs smoothly. 

Higher development and operational efficiency lead to higher revenue as well. Reduction in errors leads to better performance, which in turn causes a reduction in lead time that results in the quicker provision of services. That means your customers quickly get what they’re looking for and your engineering team gets to focus on innovation and adding new value to the business. 

How can Quantiphi help you in the DevOps journey?

Quantiphi is an award-winning applied artificial intelligence (AI) and big data solutions and services company. Our expertise in these domains enables us to provide our clients with unmatched value as we elevate their businesses with the promise of cutting edge Machine Learning and Analytics. We strongly believe in the power of DevOps and we have built expertise that translates into quantifiable business impact.  Our DevOps framework efficiently improves and boosts business productivity whilst simultaneously ensuring active collaboration across development teams by delivering a highly scalable and secure automated infrastructure. This can be achieved through perceptual task automation, serverless computing and security using CI/CD pipelines for faster release cycles. 

Quantiphi helps design a cost-optimized platform with single-click deployment, ensuring smooth data operations to the production environment at an enterprise scale with startup speed.

How does this translate into business benefits?

  1. As an organization with separate yet dependent development and operation departments, you’ve got high latency between the initiation and execution of a process. Although huge endeavors are undertaken, their implementation remains inefficient. Quantiphi helps unify support, administration, development, and operations to significantly increase delivery speed and foster efficient collaboration and communication.
  2. As a company that functions on-premises, you maintain and upgrade your systems, which are a time consuming and costly affair. Moving to the cloud addresses these issues as cloud platforms have great flexibility, reliability, and security. All the frameworks and infrastructure you need are on-demand and highly scalable which empowers your organization by letting you focus and invest your time, money and resources into crucial and quintessential aspects of your business.

Leveraging DevOps provides firms the ability to rule the market and establish themselves as consistent providers of great performance and superior quality, as they can react rapidly, deliver faster and function better.

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