Pioneering Healthcare Breakthroughs with Quantiphi’s AI Expertise


Quantiphi leverages cutting-edge Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to empower healthcare providers, payers, and life sciences enterprises. We offer data-driven solutions designed to enhance care delivery, empower population health initiatives, and expedite document processing, ultimately elevating healthcare operations. Partner with us to streamline workflows, combat staff shortages, and advance healthcare equity—shaping a brighter healthcare future, together.

AI Solutions to Empower Healthcare Payers

Digitized solutions with enriched speech recognition and document processing to enhance member service utilization, feedback management, and grievance handling.

  • Health Record Abstraction
  • Provider Network Management

Optimize partnerships with AI-tailored solutions for improved provider data access, interoperability, and network management.

  • Population health management
  • Patient Risk Scoring
  • Patient Readmission Prediction

Apply advanced analytics for automated engagement tools, efficiently assisting high-risk members with care plan compliance.

  • Claims Adjudication and Processing
  • Fraud and Abuse Detection
  • Overpayment Recovery Services

Enhance claim adjudication with advanced analytics for improved throughput, member/provider satisfaction, and process efficiency.

  • Virtual Assistants for Feedback Management
  • Predictive Analytics for Resource Allocation
  • Appeals and Grievance Document Management

AI Driven Healthcare
Solutions for Providers

and Diagnosis

Increase risk detection and precise anomaly identification using cutting-edge deep learning and medical imaging techniques for transformative diagnostics.

  • Care Transitions & Discharge
  • Accelerated Discharge Planning
  • SVI Integration and Insights


Deploy virtual healthcare assistants to monitor patients, enhance treatment protocol, ensure care plan compliance, and streamline documentation.

  • Predictive staff scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Health System

Apply advanced predictive analytics for improved capacity forecasting and optimal resource utilization.

  • Patient 360
  • Virtual Health Assistants


Strategically target operational inefficiencies and burdensome technology to improve hospital efficiency.

  • AI-Assisted Radiology & Pathology
  • Early Disease Detection
  • AI Nursing Assistants

Quantiphi's AI Transformation Framework


Infrastructure & Data

Improve interoperability, modernize EHR data, and ensure CURES Act compliance with HIPAA and GxP.



Enhance population health management with advanced cost and utilization analytics to optimize operations and care outcomes.



Automate manual processes like claims analytics and medical imaging to support staff and streamline operations.



Leverage AI-powered chatbots and LLMs to foster better engagement with stakeholders.



Transform your strategies and operations for a smarter, more efficient, and patient-centric approach.


heath data

Health Data

iomt capture

IoMT Capture &

hl7 to fhir


medical imaging

Medical Imaging

Customer Success Stories

AI for Social Listening in Early Development
AI for Social Listening in Early Development

Quantiphi developed a lightweight LLM model suitable for commercial GPUs.

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Secure Cloud Foundation for a Leading Healthcare Firm
Secure Cloud Foundation for a Leading Healthcare Firm

Quantiphi assisted in establishing a secure GCP environment for their PHI workloads

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Accelerating Availity’s SaaS Deployment with Quantiphi’s Google Cloud Expertise
Accelerating Availity’s SaaS Deployment with Quantiphi’...

Quantiphi assisted Availity in deploying their healthcare data analytics SaaS solution, Availity Fusion, on Google Cloud by set...

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Extracting Insights Through Knowledge Graphs
Extracting Insights Through Knowledge Graphs

Quantiphi designed a Knowledge R&D Insights tool powered by Google Knowledge Graph/Base technology that allowed users to effici...

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Enabling Healthcare Conversations with AI-powered Virtual Agent
Enabling Healthcare Conversations with AI-powered Virtual Agent

Seamless Management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), submitted by citizens, leveraging a Data Loss Prevention

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Smart Medical Image-Processing Solution
Smart Medical Image-Processing Solution

Developed an end-to-end accounts payable application Solution Quantiphi team created a customized solution using Google’s...

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Customer Testimonials

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