With a team of 100+ SAP on-cloud seasoned professionals and a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence, Quantiphi helps customers embark on a data and AI-led digital transformation journey that promises impactful and measurable results.

In collaboration with the product teams at Google Cloud and AWS, Quantiphi develops joint industry assets while providing services and guidance on cloud best practices.

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Our Solutions

Qonversational Agent for SAP

Quantiphi’s QAS is a Conversational Framework for SAP S/4HANA and CCAI, with the DialogFlow and Google Assistant integrations. It is a foundry for crafting Conversational AI.

Predictive Asset Maintenance

This solution is a Next-Gen IoT framework for SAP and Google Cloud, with 360° integration with the SAP ERP system. This ensures seamless integration to SAP systems, through connecting predictive outcomes to business modules like Plant Maintenance, Purchasing, and Inventory management.

SAP Line of Business DWH on Cloud

Quantiphi offers a Reference Architecture bringing the high-value SAP Data into cloud’s Leading Data Warehousing Solutions. We deliver agile analytics and actionable business insights with impactful Dashboards & Conversational BI on up-to-date data.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability on Cloud

With Quantiphi’s DR and HA solutions on the cloud, customers can safeguard their SAP landscape against infrastructure failures, and ensure highly available cloud systems for mission-critical SAP workloads.

SAP Infrastructure Migration

Quantiphi’s SAP Migration solution is a Proven cloud migration methodology implemented by a dedicated team that is partner-trained migration champion. We help firms derive the cloud’s full potential by discovering the best-fit infrastructure.

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