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Simplify data warehouse modernization, ensure industry-leading data security with Quantiphi's tailored accelerators and harness Snowpark to facilitate the deployment of AI-driven solutions through our pre-built models.

  • DW Discovery Tool
  • PHI Data Manager

  • Auto Schema Converter
  • Auto Migration Templates
  • Data Validation

  • Query Converter
  • Auto Ingestion Templates
  • CDC Templates
  • Data Quality Scorecard Generators

  • Automated Data Profiling
  • Data Catalog Generator
  • Pre-Configured Monitoring Dashboards

  • Data-as-a-Service
  • Downstream Integration and Analytics
  • Predictive Analysis and Recommendation Engine

Impact-Driven AI Expertise across industries

Impact-Driven AI Expertise across industries

Accelerate your EDW Modernization Journey with Quantiphi Accelerators

Customer Success Stories

Netezza to Snowflake Migration
Netezza to Snowflake Migration

Migration of Data Assets from Teradata Solution Exported data from RDBMS to S3 buckets using python connectors Imported data in...

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Claims Operational Reporting
Claims Operational Reporting

Extensive KPIs design and consolidation across lines of business for claims operations (141 KPIs were consolidated to 14 KPIs)

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Data Integration into Snowflake Data Cloud
Data Integration into Snowflake Data Cloud

Quantiphi developed a consolidated Data Mart for claims along with the Dental data feed. Attributes & metrics for analytics use...

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Teradata to Snowflake Migration
Teradata to Snowflake Migration

Migration of data assets from Teradata to the Snowflake Data Cloud was completed over 6-8 months along with the configuration o...

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