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Quantiphi's Artificial Intelligence capabilities are designed to revolutionize the sports industry and elevate it to a whole new level. Our sports intelligence offerings bridges the gap between sports broadcasters, players and fans and help all facets of the sports industry to take quantum leap in the application of AI, Machine Learning, and advanced data science methodologies.

Customer Success Stories

FAQ Virtual Agent for a Global Sports Tournament
FAQ Virtual Agent for a Global Sports Tournament

Quantiphi developed a virtual agent using Dialogflow ES for approximately 53 FAQs related to “Hayya SIM” in seven different lan...

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TrustStamp: Enhancing the Accuracy of Identity Verification with Amazon Textract
TrustStamp: Enhancing the Accuracy of Identity Verification with Am...

Enabling identity information extraction from different ID Documents Solution Quantiphi developed a custom solution enabling th...

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Sports Content Archiving with AI
Sports Content Archiving with AI

Quantiphi evaluated the soccer content to be processed and built a video intelligence model which can detect and recognize play...

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Our offerings for the Sport Industry


Media Intelligence
for Sports

Media Intelligence for Sports is a combination of AI offerings for content-intensive sports companies. They are perfect solutions for content owners who need to search desired sporting moments from their vast archives and automate content operations.



Objectively analyze players and the game using computer vision and deep learning. Our sports analytics solutions enable coaches and scouts to build a competitive edge over their opponents. Here, we marry data-driven insights with sports storytelling to improve fan experiences for sports broadcasters.



Makes stadium and match-day experiences better, more engaging and profitable. Our deep expertise in video analytics and connected IoT enables stadiums to build secure environments, track visitor data, and effectively manage the match-day experience.

Key Offerings

This is a universal AI-based solution for any sports content publisher where manual video tagging can be replaced with machine learning (ML) driven algorithms. The algorithm will automatically analyze and tag videos in real time, allowing users to quickly find what they're looking for - Players, events, desired objects, specific camera angles and so on.

Get a complete picture of your athletes' performance in the training ground or on matches. Powered by Computer Vision & Deep Learning, PPA.

Live Match Analytics is a platform that leverages AI to analyze live games and find interesting insights related to the game. These insights, along with visualizations, will help you make informed decisions about your team's performance.

Player Tracking powerful tool that uses AI to instantly extract information from sports videos. It is the perfect solution for sports-related content owners who need to unearth players related information from their match footage and automate tedious tasks such as the creation of highlight reels, headshots, and other editorial workflows.

AI-assisted scouting and recruiting is a set of video analytics solutions for clubs to discover, evaluate and acquire any type of players. The platform is a powerful tool which helps in the day-to-day work of a scout or sports director of a club.

Smart stadiums seamlessly manage high-traffic areas, enhance security, deliver personalized experiences, and create new ways to monetize their facilities. We help them do so by leveraging our deep expertise in video analytics, connected IoT devices, predictive modelling, and data science.

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