Our 400+ certified professionals are proficient in various Amazon services and leverage the advantages of these platforms to help customers embark on a data and AI-led digital transformation journey that promises impactful and measurable results.

Our strong partnership with AWS coupled with industry experts heading specialized practices ensures frictionless customer experience and exceptional delivery while solving complex customer problems.

Our Solutions

Our state-of-the-art-solutions are fully optimized to turn your cloud-stored data into actionable business opportunities.

Cognitive Document Processing

Quantiphi’s cognitive document processing solution built on Amazon Textract covers the complete lifecycle of document processing, by recognizing the document, extracting information, and delivering the output in the desired format.

Conversational AI

Quantiphi’s Conversational AI solution powered by Amazon Connect, Lex & Polly helps companies experience next-gen customer care with a consistent experience, improved operational efficiency, and easy scalability while driving ROI for businesses.


Quantiphi’s Cognitive Forecasting offers an automated and scalable deep learning-based approach to an estimation that is fully developed on AWS. This facilitates accurate estimation of consumer and market demand for companies.

Recommendation Engine

Quantiphi’s Recommendation Engine built on the AWS Personalize offers individual and personalized recommendations that align customers buying needs with their preferred product. Deploying these engines increases engagement and customer conversion significantly.

Computer Vision on Edge

Quantiphi’s Computer Vision on Edge solutions powered by AWS Panorama help enterprises see and understand their environments with human-like perception through AI and adopt transformative solutions to real-world problems while ensuring accuracy and latency.

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