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Generative AI for your Industry

Streamline healthcare services management, simplify claims management, and aid in drug discovery.

Enhance financial advisory, automate analysis of financial documents, and improve customer relationship management.

Optimize CPQ processes and enhance customer service through chatbots and digital avatars.

Assist in maintenance and repair and support generative design for optimized solutions.

Generative AI Engagement Journey

Our seasoned experts provide invaluable guidance and trusted advisory services as you embark on your Generative AI journey with us. Leveraging industry leadership and a deep well of expertise, we ensure a seamless onboarding process, deliver comprehensive solutions, and institutionalize Generative AI capabilities within your organization.



Accelerate product development and drive business outcomes using generative ai models across the enterprise


Institutionalize generative ai capabilities within the enterprise

6-12 Week


Prove capability of Generative AI for a high impact use case, leverage Generative AI to built an impactful solution and deploy it in production

Gen AI Build

Pick a high impact use case and solve it using Generative AI

1 Week


Executive briefing on Gen AI, use case discovery & prototyping, hands on labs/POC, path to production

Gen AI Onboarding

Brainstorming and synthesizing ideas to address unsolved problems for an industry

Generative AI Success:
Why Expert Service Matters?

expert services
expert services expert services

Technical Complexities

Generative AI involves intricate algorithms and model architectures, necessitating expertise in selecting the right architecture and fine-tuning hyperparameters for specific tasks.

expert services
expert services expert services

Data Challenges

High-quality data is paramount for generative model training, requiring experts to oversee data acquisition, labeling, and preprocessing to meet stringent standards.

expert services
expert services expert services

Advanced Integration

Experts are essential to ensure smooth integration of generative AI techniques, tackle compatibility issues with legacy systems, and facilitate cross-team coordination.

expert services
expert services expert services

Domain-specific Customization

Industries have unique requirements, and experts with industry-specific knowledge are vital to customizing generative AI solutions, ensuring they align with industry-specific needs and challenges.

expert services
expert services expert services

Security and Compliance

Generative AI often handles sensitive data, and experts in cybersecurity and compliance are indispensable for safeguarding data security and maintaining regulatory compliance.

expert services
expert services expert services

Ethical Considerations

Addressing ethical concerns such as bias and fairness is crucial, and experts in AI ethics are essential to guide responsible development.

Introducing baioniqTM
Quantiphi’s Gen AI Platform

baioniq is Quantiphi’s proprietary enterprise-ready generative AI platform that empowers organizations to supercharge the productivity of their knowledge workers by applying generative AI to downstream tasks within their industry.

Accelerate your Gen AI journey with features for accessing, domain-adapting, and fine-tuning foundational LLMs, securely in the cloud environment of choice while adhering to Responsible AI principles.

Pioneer Gen AI Innovations with Quantiphi

Quantiphi transforms enterprises with advanced Generative AI services, optimizing productivity and reducing costs through tailored solutions. Leveraging a decade of industry expertise and partnerships with Gen AI hyperscalers, we unlock the future of innovation.
Our journey into Gen AI began in 2019 with the introduction of the BERT model. Back then, our inventive patents in Transformer models and pioneering collaborations with research institutions were laying the groundwork for the Generative AI revolution we are experiencing today.

Our Value Propositions

Gen AI Lifecycle Management

Gen AI Lifecycle Management

We manage the entire Gen AI solution development lifecycle starting from data collection and preprocessing, domain training, fine-tuning (SFT/IFT), deployment, as well as monitoring and maintenance, which include RLHF and inference management.

Deep Gen AI Ecosystem Alliance

Deep Gen AI Ecosystem Alliance

Leverage our expertise in orchestrating hardware, software, and hyperscale infrastructure, exemplified by partnerships with tech leaders such as Google Cloud, AWS, and NVIDIA.

Your Data, Your Model

Your Data, Your Model

We assist in deploying Gen AI solutions in either your cloud or on-premise environment, enabling your models to learn and enhance based on your organization's data while maintaining full data privacy.

Gen AI Lifecycle Management

Secure and Complaint

Ensure the highest regulatory standards native to your industry for security, privacy, and compliance, including adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2, and others.

Deep Gen AI Ecosystem Alliance

Path-breaking Research & Development

With several leading patents and whitepapers, our R&D team is advancing Generative AI innovation to improve the helpfulness, performance, and safety of LLM-based architectures, enabling our enterprise clients to access breakthrough innovation in-house.

Your Data, Your Model

Responsible AI

We’re committed to embedding the principles of Responsible AI across our Generative AI solutions portfolio. Overcoming Gen AI challenges such as hallucination, toxicity, bias, and ensuring safe real-world implementation are core to our mission.

Our Generative AI Capabilities

Our Generative AI services drive transformative impact for enterprises

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Enhancing employee productivity

  • Text summarization
  • Content creation
  • Code refactorization
  • Data analysis
  • Factual Q&A
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Automating critical business workflows

  • Contract management
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Claims processing
  • HR self-service
  • Cusomter service automation
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Revolutionizing core processes

  • Drug discovery
  • Customer support
  • Risk management
  • Predictive underwriting
  • Research and development

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