AI Tutor

Deep Learning based Intelligent Tutor System

AI Applications


Embrace a data-first academic culture leveraging AI services to support the delivery of education to students and improve the quality of education. AI tutors that can: coach students through their coursework and degree programs, convey knowledge and interact via natural language dialogue in speech and text, increase student engagement on any device across the globe.



Incorporate AI solutions in the educational sector to curate personalized content, provide accurate and verified solutions to complex problems, monitor the performance and elevate the quality of education, and aiding student success. Harness the potential of AI-powered intelligent tutors systems to become a key component for institutions in pushing a data-first academic culture supported by AI services to support the delivery of education to their students.



Chatbots - Coaches
Content Curation
Performance Monitoring
Academic Advisor

AI-powered chatbots help students with personalized content based on the conversation between the student and the chatbot. Conversational AI facilitates instant, accurate, and verified solutions to the students' problems in addition to developing one-to-one tutoring.


NLP tools can be leveraged for preparing smart and personalized training content. Text summarisation tools help disseminate vast literature into easy-to-understand modules. AI techniques can be used to curate quizzes and questions for student evaluation.


Progress tracking and performance monitoring are important criteria for evaluating both the student and teacher. Based on the results of the students, intelligent predictive algorithms can be devised to suggest ways for improvement. By analyzing feedback about teachers, tutoring methodologies can be suggested.


Students' decisions are influenced by several factors for choosing the right career path which may need the attention of an academic advisor. In such scenarios, AI can assist the advisor to better understand the needs of the students and serve with a better solution based on their interests, intellectual abilities, and skillsets.

Business Impact

Personalised Support

Reduced Preparation time for teachers

Increase in personal/individual attention

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