Virtual Material Design

Virtual Screening Of Material Design with Cutting-Edge ML Models

AI Applications


Virtually test and design industrial components with ML models. Leverage the full potential of a simulation environment integrated with a virtual material testing framework to conduct the tests live without wasting too many resources. Virtual testing enables manufacturers to design materials on the desktop and run confirmatory tests only for the most promising material compositions.



As manufacturing processes grow increasingly complex, ML models can help manufacturers plan and design better performing industrial components before investing significant capital. Developing end-to-end Machine Learning based pipelines helps test the industrial components virtually before physically manufacturing the parts, reducing the forecasting error, and saving time and cost of live testing. This also allows for increased operational efficiency by cost-effectively streamlining base operations while eliminating redundant processes.



Manufacturing Industry

Material scientists use their expertise and domain knowledge to design and analyze various components required in an industry. Building AI algorithms to virtually assess the industrial parts provides highly accurate results, saving costs, testing effort and resources.

Business Impact

Reduced Time

Reduced Expenses and Consumption of resources

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