Visual Safety & Surveillance

Simplify Safety & Security for Total Protection with AI Vision

AI Applications


Reinforce safety and secure environment using cutting-edge deep learning models and computer vision techniques. The recent technological advances in the field of object detection and face recognition had made it feasible to deploy video surveillance systems with embedded object detection and face recognition functionalities that combine deep learning models and computer vision techniques that are accurate and fast enough for commercial uses.



Redefine surveillance with the power of computer vision and state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. Tap into the power of computer vision for automation of monitoring and ensuring a safe environment in business processes and operations. Transform the capabilities of ordinary cameras to advanced, accurate, and efficient video analytics platforms along with built-in alarming/alerting systems. Explore how both object detection and face recognition methods can be integrated seamlessly into video surveillance systems.



Retail Security
Trespassing/Intruder Detection
Workplace Safety

The retail sector requires visual surveillance for tracking the business operations, and manual monitoring of multiple CCTV cameras is difficult and inefficient. Deep learning algorithms and computer vision tools facilitate secure environments and detect security concerns pertaining to theft and hazards, ensuring customer safety.


An important application of Visual Safety and Surveillance is trespassing detection. Manual surveillance or patrolling at places like railway tracks, restricted areas and private land is tedious and consumes a large amount of human-intensive resources. An AI-based CCTV system with alerting mechanism avoids illegal trespassing and saves lives while improving efficiency.


Smart visual surveillance has the potential to avoid workplace accidents and ensure a safe and secure environment. AI systems and computer vision assist in monitoring workplace compliance, detecting crimes and inappropriate behavior, and mitigating health risks.

Business Impact

Improved accuracy in infringement detection

Quicker call to action

Reduced resoure expenses

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