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Accelerating Availity’s SaaS Deployment with Quantiphi’s Google Cloud Expertise

Life Sciences Healthcare

Business Impacts

Increased customer reach

Native Google Cloud support for Availity Fusion(TM) application

Enhanced infrastructure for healthcare SaaS

Customer Key Facts

  • Country : USA
  • Industry : Healthcare
  • About : Availity is the nation's largest real-time health information network.

Deploying Availity Fusion on Google Cloud to Increase Customer Reach

Availity, one of the leading real-time health information network provider, sought to deploy their healthcare data analytics SaaS solution, Availity Fusion, on the Google Cloud. Availity engaged Quantiphi to set up the necessary infrastructure, refactor the application and ensure compliance, while preparing a one-click-deploy solution for Availity Fusion on Google Cloud.


  • Adapting to the unique security and compliance requirements of healthcare data.
  • Analyzing and preparing an equivalent design for Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • Managing multiple moving components in a single Kubernetes cluster.

Technologies Used

GCP Organization

GCP Organization

GKE Clusters

GKE Clusters



GCS Buckets

GCS Buckets

GCP Load Balancers

GCP Load Balancers



Deploying Availity's Fusion on GCP to increase customer reach


Quantiphi assisted Availity in deploying their healthcare data analytics SaaS solution, Availity Fusion, on Google Cloud by setting up the Cloud and billing account, creating Resource Hierarchies, IAM roles, and Cloud Security Command Center, and establishing foundation networks and Cloud DNS zones for the Google Cloud domains. They also developed the required codebases to deploy Availity Fusion on a GKE cluster within Google Cloud, providing a one-click-deploy solution for multiple clients on Google Cloud.


  • Expanded cloud provider support by offering Availity Fusion to customers on Google Cloud Marketplace
  • Improved security with respect to healthcare and data privacy compliance
  • One click deploy solution

"We are thrilled to partner with Quantiphi and deploy our cloud-agnostic Upcycling Data capabilities to the Google Cloud and have a glide path to application deployment on the Google Marketplace. Clinical data is tremendously valuable but using it at scale requires complex standardization and transformation. Availity Fusion unleashes the full potential of clinical data across an enterprise organization. It transforms in real-time myriad data sources and formats into standard, fit-for-purpose data aligned with national healthcare data standards, including analytics-ready FHIR resources."

Mary Lantin, General Manager of Availity Clinical Solutions.

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