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Customer Behavior Analytics Platform

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Business Impacts


Reduction in monthly spend


Reduction in time to market

Customer Key Facts

  • Location : North America
  • Industry : Computer Software

Problem Context

Client’s objective was to collect, structure, and analyze large unstructured datasets and combine it with interactions from brand marketing and asset data. Client wished to leverage this dataset and provide direction to their partners on creative, media, messaging and communication strategy

Quantiphi developed a platform that allows the client to isolate consumer groups based on known key characteristics and generated dashboards leveraging Amazon Quicksight embedded on their Web App. Visualizations were generated on consumer behavior such as application usage, purchase behavior, and media consumed in real-time



  • Storing at least 14TB of data coming from 11 different data sources
  • Customer data was unstructured and had not been validated for over a year
  • Processing and enriching daily data of 2 billion records
  • Revising the infrastructure and reducing the risk of errors during downtime

Technologies Used

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena

AWS Glue

AWS Glue

Big Data Platform for Easy Data Sharing


Quantiphi helped Apollo create a fully managed, cost-efficient and secure Customer Data Platform (CDP) with an automated end-to-end pipeline capable of processing terabytes of data daily and providing consumer behavioral insights within minutes. 

Quantiphi also developed a self-service, scalable web application that allows Apollo to isolate consumer groups based on known key characteristics and generate visualizations on consumer behavior such as demographics, application usage, purchase behavior, geolocation, and media consumed in near real time. This enabled the client to have a scalable, robust, and hyper-personalized CDP that allows easy integration with multiple functionalities and enables the incremental release of workflow.


  • Able to generate insights on terabyte scale data in less than a minute
  • Access Dashboards from within the Application
  • Customer Insights on personalized dashboards
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Reduction in time to market by 80%
  • 60% reduction in monthly spend

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